Joanna Szproch


Visual Artist + Art Mediator

Joanna Szproch (born in 1979 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Berlin-based visual artist and art mediator working with the medium of photography. She earned an MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (PL) in 2004.

Since she moved to Berlin in 2012, she thoroughly liberated her way of seeing from the influence of male canon, its monopoly on meaning and value, and dedicated her practice to visual arts and years-long projects. Exploring female sensuality, pleasure, and fantasy through everyday situations, she embraces the women’s perspective and its complexity.

Artist Statement

As a human, I defy the confines imposed on (Polish) women, rejecting the dual expectations of being only attractive and chaste. I cultivate resilience through self-discovery and an uninhibited exploration environment central to my work. My photographs explore diverse dichotomies; sexual - divine, sensitive - brave, authentic - performed, embracing serendipity alongside meticulous preparation to create contradictory images that seek the ineffable in reality and perceive the genuine in the imaginary. I do not replicate men's fantasies but discover my own, portraying a harmonious integration of inner and outer selves — a visual embodiment of joy, pleasure, and curiosity, a kaleidoscope of colors, and a display of human capabilities.

In my broader mission, I make the personal political by sharing my experiences as a woman, single mother, thinker, and visionary. Despite the concept of determinism, I firmly believe in the inherent right to personal choice and agency, transcending societal norms. I refuse to be silenced by shame or censorship and work to guide our actions with empathy and respect, not morals or taboos. I advocate for understanding violence as a tool for prevention and empowerment to shape a more welcoming future. My goal is to confront challenges, educate, and foster change through autobiographical and participatory methods. Through honest and empathetic communication, I aim to build trust, connect with others, and shed light on less visible experiences.

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